We are always in the mood for good food!

We are Aspens Services, a market leading education catering company specialising in school food.


We only work in the education sector so we know what our customers want.  Mixing this knowledge with an understanding of what’s hot in the food world sparks creativity and excitement in our chefs. Our kitchens provide delicious home cooked school meals each day and cater for individual dietary requirements.


We don’t just provide food, we play our part to educate children and raise awareness about nutrition, food and where it comes from, so that they can make informed and mindful choices.  Feeding our future.


We make sure that our Food Festival lunch menus are packed with comfort dishes and, at the same time, we help pupils to take their first steps with new tastes to explore.  We make the most of fruit and vegetables that are in season, because that’s when they taste best and are the most planet friendly too.


Free school meals


All children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are currently entitled to receive UNIVERSAL FREE SCHOOL MEALS!  We think it’s a fantastic idea so please make sure that you support this initiative. Not only will you be saving money but you will also be giving your child a nutritionally balanced meal to fuel their bodies for the rest of the learning day.


Please note that this is not to be confused with FREE SCHOOL MEALS that you may be entitled to for children in any year.  Please request the relevant form from the school office or look at this website:   https://www.gov.uk/apply-free-school-meals


Food Festival Menu


The school menu rotates on a three-week basis and refreshes for Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer seasons. Here’s the current menu:

Delicious meals, freshly cooked in our own kitchen. Please order and pay on the Scopay App.

If your child is in KS1 or entitled to free school meals you won't be charged but should still order in advance on the App. If you have any difficulty please contact the office who will resolve it for you.

​The price of each meal is £2.50  

All Squirrels (KS1) ​pupils are entitled to free school meals.