Mathematics is a fundamental part of human thought and logic and is integral in understanding many aspects of the world around us. It plays a crucial role in understanding the contents of other school subjects and is essential to enable children to function effectively in the adult world.

Effective mathematics learning is founded on three pillars. Fluency, reasoning, and problem solving. As such, we build these elements into our mathematics curriculum by following a “do, deepen, apply” approach to teaching. This ensures that children do not only develop an understanding of procedural aspects of mathematics, but rather they develop the ability to use and apply these skills efficiently across a range of areas.

When developing children’s understanding of mathematical concepts, we begin by using manipulatives and visuals supporting children to develop their conceptual understanding of the concept. As this understanding increases, we move to symbolic and formal representations. Following the Concrete, pictorial, abstract approach ensures that children develop confidence in mathematical concepts and are able to apply them effectively.

As a school, we believe a highly structured and progressive approach to the teaching of mathematics is essential in children’s success within the subject. We follow the White Rose Maths mixed aged progression to ensure that we are able to achieve this effectively.