School Lottery

Thank you to everyone who has signed up for the school lottery. We are delighted that we have reached our initial target of 50 players.  We are now guaranteed a weekly prize of £20 in addition to the £25000 jackpot and the range of other prizes on offer.  It is not too late to sign up as the more people who join, the higher our weekly prize will be.  This is open to all our ‘friends’ and not just our parents, so please spread the word amongst the local community. 


Please follow the link below to the School Lottery website.




Who are the FOTS and what do we do? 

FOTS (Friends of Trekenner School) are the parents, friends and staff of all the children of the school.  Anyone can join the committee – we are a friendly group who meet every half term usually at school. We encourage new members and are very open to new ideas. 

 Through fundraising events, FOTS provide the ‘extras’ to hopefully enrich our children’s experience at school, enhancing their enjoyment and improving their learning environment.  

 How do FOTS raise money? 

FOTS hold regular, varied events throughout the year. These include bingo nights, Wine & Wisdoms, school film nights and discos, duck races, barbeques and fetes.  Money is also raised regularly through your donations of unwanted clothing and textiles via the ‘Bags 2 School ’ scheme. 

 Recently, FOTS have subsided school trips for all classes, purchased chromebooks and the school athletic kit. Our future purchases include buying each classroom a storage unit as well as a focus to replenish the library with brilliant popular children's books.

Most members of the committee are in the playground every day, if you would like to come and have a chat.


Kirsty Wendon