At Trekenner, we view Art and Design is a valuable form of expression and communication for all our children.

Leader Miss West

Through this subject, children are encouraged to experiment, invent and create their own art works using a wide range of materials, equipment and techniques.

Children will learn about different kinds of art from various artists, cultures and traditions with a view to appreciating it and experimenting with the techniques used in their own art work. As children progress, they are supported and encouraged to be able to think critically and to develop a rigorous understanding of all aspects of art and design, including application to a variety of real life scenarios.

Art at Trekenner cycles through a skills progression so that in each class children will experience and build upon skills of: Drawing and Painting, Printing, Collage, Sculpture, Mixed Media, Digital Media and Textiles. Alongside this they document their learning journeys and skills progression through the ongoing use of sketchbooks to experiment and record their explorations. Children are encouraged to work creatively and understand that creativity and mastery is achieved with practice, repitition, experimenting, exploration and is progressive journey. Art is another subject where we often see children's learning powers developed powerfully as they experience the value of perseverance, imagination, reflecting, revising and resourcefulness. Children often bring skills and work together in shared pieces of work.

Children have enjoyed creating art works this year such as Shared canvas mixed media cave paintings, Egyptian Death masks, 3D Mayan sculptures and hot air balloons.