Physical Education and Sport

At Trekenner School, we believe that all children are entitled to a learning rich curriculum to develop lifelong skills. Our Physical Education teaching and learning enables the children to be healthy in body and in mind, through fun, active sessions either led by a highly skilled teacher or a PE specialist.

For our physical education curriculum, we follow the Arena Schools programme which is designed to inspire the next generation of young people to enjoy and participate in PE and school sport to aim for future and lifelong success in sports and sporting events.

Starting in reception and KS1, the children develop fundamental skills in balance, coordination, and spatial awareness. The children in KS2 enjoy lessons in a range of different sports including football, netball, golf, lacrosse and rugby. We also focus on developing children’s’ awareness of their bodies; how to keep healthy, fit, active and happy – we highly value the benefits of exercise of mental well-being.

The children at Trekenner School also attend termly sessions at a local swimming pool to ensure all children are water confident and swimming by the end of their primary education as this is a lifelong, life saving skill.

Additionally, we have a range of sporting clubs which run throughout the year. These include football coaching through Plymouth Argle, multi-skills, tag rugby, cross country and much more. We also are very lucky to work with Plymouth Argle for football coaching in after school sessions. Although we are very small, we have some excellent sports people in the school and concidering our size- we have a good record at local competitions- particularly football. 

Being active and healthy are fundemental to pupils achieving positive wellbeing both physically and mentally. Therefore, in addition to our normal Physical Education sessions, our pupils regularly engage in active learning opportunities across other subjects such as Maths Orienteering, forest school/ Wild Tribe and much more.