Music is an important part of the curriculum at Trekenner and  often provides a window that communicates the positive ethos of our school.

It is taught by a specialist music teacher and class teachers and provides a wealth of creative opportunities which help to build confidence, creative empathy and team building. Music at Trekenner often links with other curriculum areas and helps to contextualise historical events or themes in writing.
Children are given varying opportunities for singing, creative themed composition,  song arranging, movement, percussion and instrumental work, listening activities and sound exploration. They are encouraged to perform in a variety of contexts and given learning themes which will enable them to experiment, rehearse, perform and improve. 
There are numerous occasions throughout the school year for children to present performances in the form of class assemblies, musical assemblies, Christmas productions and carol services and a number of one-off events which have included workshops with professional musicians, instrumental demonstrations, talent presentations, year group instrumental tuition, orchestra concerts  and song lyric composing. 
Children are taught and encouraged to use correct musical vocabulary and they are presented with activities in which they can develop their understanding of musical elements and genre.  
We achieve high standards in music by presenting the children with challenging material whist at the same time providing a safe environment in which they are happy to make mistakes, rehearse and evaluate.
All our children sing together regularly in weekly singing assemblies and often have opportunities to perform. 
There are also opportunities for musical club activities, which have included African drumming and choir. 
For those interested, we can also facilitate high-quality instrumental tuition through the Cornwall Music Hub.