History at Trekenner

History at Trekenner is led my Miss West, a History graduate and History lover. Our curriculum is designed around the national curriculum requirements and also made relevant to our local area.
Our curriculum is on a 2 year rolling program, children spiral through a skills progression so that during their time in each class they will revisit a theme or enquiry and access this at a deeper level to embed and enrich their skills as Historians. In addition, reading skills and class novels link to topics so that children are developing broad specialist vocabularies and discussion skills that are futher embedding their knowledge and reasoning. 
At Trekenner we believe in a knowledge rich curriculum that is fun and engaging. Children have weekly quizzes on learning and end of term kahoot quizzes. They are encouraged to revise and review from work, knowledge organinsers and working walls. As we move through units children are encouraged to begin to use their knowledge to question, enquire and research, consider types of evidence and reliability and build presentations and discussion based enquiries that develop their thinking and show what they know.
Last term Owls and badgers Class joined together to compare and contrast the two civilsations they had been learning about; Egyptians and Maya, and try to begin to answer the question 'What makes a civilisation?' Children will return to this question when exploring the civilisations of Greeks, Romans and Shang in later terms and compare these civilisations to Anglo Saxon, Viking and Iron Age socities. Our local history focuses on Cornwall, with themes such as Postcards from Penzance, mining, and significant local figures such as Trevithick and Brunel.