Geography: Miss West Subject Lead

Geography and History rotate each half term so that the children will study 3 Geography topics a year on a 2 year rolling program. Each module is designed to link to the History module where possible so that knowledge is linked and embedded. For instance the Egyptian topic Ended with a Study of the Nile and this then linked to the next unit of work on Rivers. 
Geography has 3 threads: Place and locational Knowledge, Human and Physical Geography and Field Work Skills. Sometimes themes focus on just one or two of these threads, however, in each two year cycle children will revisit the key skills again in each class; each time this skill will be built upon. Our aim is for the children to leave with good knowledge and skills and to carry a love of the world and a care for it into the future as well as an idea of what it takes to be a Geographer and how these skills may support their future interests and careers. 
Children have weekly quizzes on key learning, as well as termly quizzes on accumulated learning, and end of unit tasks to assess and deepen their knowledge and resaoning in a context. They are encouraged to use resources to revise, deepen and extend knowledge and interests.